Top 5 Winter Tips for your Horse

It's no secret that Canberra winters are COLD! Here are some of our top tips to keep your horse warm and healthy during the cooler months.Ensure your horse has access to shelter (stable, trees and other forms of wind breaks)Encourage adequate water intake - at least 20 litres per day for


General Health & Wellbeing

Not only is it vital for our horses to have a comprehensive dental treatment every 6-12 months, it is also important to ensure our four-legged friends receive a general health check on a regular basis. This may occur at the same time as a dental visit, or at any


My Irish Adventure

“Doing a victory lap at my first international competition was definitely the highlight of my trip.”   By Mici Hyland Equine Veterinary Nurse, Canberra Equine Hospital   I have always had a love for horses and I grew up around them. My horse riding career began with pony club however


Sarcoids- the Most Common Skin Tumour of Horses

There are many factors linked to the occurrence of sarcoids including the bovine papillomavirus, (wart virus of cows), and a genetic predisposition with some breeds. The tumour is sometimes spread by flies landing on sarcoids and then onto an open wound on the same or another nearby horse. Sarcoids can


Acupuncture for Horses

The basis behind acupuncture is balancing the body’s energy or Qi, which runs along meridians, or channels, throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, an imbalance of yin and yang leads to pain or illness, and essentially blocks the flow of Qi. Stress, trauma and many environmental factors can cause imbalance


Media release Hendra kills

Media releaseHendra kills - horses must be vaccinated Media release date: Monday, 21 July 2014 Following the latest Hendra case in Gladstone, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) says that all horse owners must have their horses vaccinated to prevent the deadly Hendra virus. President of Equine Veterinarians Australia, Dr Nathan


Equine Massage Therapy

As in humans, massaging your horse can be a complimentary treatment for their wellbeing. We can now recognise the physiologic effects of equine massage therapy that impact not only the muscular system but also numerous other body systems, including the skeletal system, digestive system and nervous system. Today's equine massage practices


Lice and Your Horse

Lice are small, wingless, parasitic insects. They can infest a variety of hosts, including cats, birds, horses, dogs, and people. However, they are host specific, which means the species that infests humans, for example, don’t infest other types of hosts. Therefore, humans can’t be infested with lice from animals, including horses.


Recent Strangles Outbreaks

What is Strangles? Strangles is an infection caused by the bacteria Streptococcus equi ssp. equi. It is highly contagious disease seen in horses, donkeys and mules. Although young horses are typically affected, any age group can become sick. Typically the horse develops a fever (high temperature, >38.3*C) and swollen lymph

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