reproductionCanberra Equine Hospital provides reproductive services for all stages of breeding, from broodmare pre-purchase examinations, preparing mares for service, artificial insemination, early and late twin reduction, monitoring high risk pregnancies, attending difficult foalings and stallion fertility assessments. It is our goal to keep owners informed of the progress, offer a personalised service and make the breeding process as relaxing an experience as possible for horse and owner! Mares can remain at the hospital until bred, be brought in for scanning or be managed on farm. Our ultrasound machines are modern and provide good quality images for you to view and be part of the breeding process. We have a jump dummy and our staff are capable with stallion collections including working with young or inexperienced stallions to learn to use the dummy, and the processes of extending, packaging and shipping semen.

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The right time for breeding
The expectant mare and foaling
Management of pregnant mare
Stages of Foaling
The newborn Foal
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