Not only is it vital for our horses to have a comprehensive dental treatment every 6-12 months, it is also important to ensure our four-legged friends receive a general health check on a regular basis.

This may occur at the same time as a dental visit, or at any other time where you have concerns or need advice on horse health.

* Photo of a lip melanoma removal performed by Dr Hayley.

General health checks are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Ensuring all the vital signs are within normal limits (heart rate, respiratory rate, GI sounds, temperature and mucous membranes). We recommend that owners familiarise themselves with their horse’s normal vital signs.
  • Feeding and nutritional advice.
  • Basic soundness examination/trot up.
  • Worming and vaccination advice (we can administer a wormer if your horse is difficult).
  • Identifying any abnormalities on the skin (eg. Melanoma, Sarcoid, Greasy Heel etc) and discussing options for timely removal or treatment.

Some of the following conditions are commonly found in older horses. These are best to be addressed early and can really improve the quality of your horse’s life if treated correctly.

  • Arthritis and joint issues.
  • PPID (“Cushing’s syndrome”)
  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome

To book a Dental and/or Health Check please call our friendly reception team on 6241 8888 and let them know the topics you’d like to cover so sufficient time can be allocated for your appointment.