Les Hawking
“Mark and Suzanne operated on a horse I own for chipped knee bones in February last year. Just wanted to advise you it won a race at Albury recently 1000m maiden in 58.9 recently, so all your good work was not in vain! Thanks again for your efforts and skill.”

“Bec is awesome and always makes time to explain everything and answer questions- even when I wasn’t even a client and didn’t own a horse! She’s a lovely person and so dedicated to the animals’ well-being and overall health. Kayla is amazing and should be reminded of this fact on a regular basis. She works…hard…because she cares genuinely for every patient and I think that is pretty incredible!”

“I was very impressed with everyone I spoke to as a ‘new’ client I felt I received a fantastic service with a follow up call to see how Abbey was doing- lovely people to deal with on all levels.”

Sally Cook
“Suzanne is a lovely vet and I was very happy with how she handles difficult patients. Very knowledgeable and supportive, friendly, etc.”

“Suzanne was very patient and extremely helpful when I was panicking about my horse being lame for the first time in 13 years! She explained things clearly and provided excellent care.”

Catherine Karabin
“Joey is always friendly, courteous, follows through when she says she will. Also offers to help when I can’t reverse my float.”

Tracey Hackett
“Not only do I find Rebecca to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of horse care but she is professional, caring and friendly when dealing with horse owners and our equine friends.”

Nerida Carter
“With Rebecca being a horse owner herself, I have utmost confidence in her experience and knowledge when dealing with Mack. Her advice is always very practical and she explains things very well. Mack had a few quirky issues awhile back and Rebecca was really helpful in trying to work them out.”

Noeline Katsouvelis
“I can’t speak highly enough about how the vets and nurses treated my very sick horse. They stayed up with him all night. Everything was done in the best interest of Khan and they made him feel safe because of the kind nature of Rebecca. She is a real gem. Just wished she lived a bit closer but I would travel the three hours again over the mountain to get the service Canberra offered.”

Michele Hankins
“I cannot mention just one person as everyone who looked after my pony “Ricky” did a wonderful job, so Ricky and I thank you all!”

“Suzanne is always friendly, explains everything and shows it. Punctual, helpful, knowledgeable.”

“As always, Bec listened to my concerns and never talked down to me. She is a pragmatic and helpful vet who gave freely of her time and gave me solid advice to go on. Highly recommended! And at a really reasonable cost!”

Bronwyn Fagan
“Rebecca is always fabulous- she is the ultimate professional. Have been a huge fan for years and my horses have always been very fond of her.”

Kyla Ausserlechner
“I have only ever used Bec to attend to my horse’s teeth. As a result, his teeth are always in perfect condition and he is a happy horse. Bec is always polite, friendly, and willing to answer even my most stupid of questions. Thanks Bec- you’re a champ!”

Lucy Cretni
“I haven’t owned horses in years and Suzanne was very helpful and informative, and answered all my stupid questions. She also talked me through the procedures whilst performing them, so I had a clear understanding of what was happening and why. I felt very comfortable handing my horse over to them. Very friendly staff and exceptional service, would definitely recommend them.”

“Always knows just what to do, is extremely helpful and answers all questions. Rebecca is very friendly and gets to know your horses personally.”

Nerida Carter
“Rebecca’s knowledge and sensible, practical approach to horse issues is always very satisfying. She offers the medical approach and gives good reason behind her suggestions.”

Toni Wallace
“I always find everyone to be outstanding – that is why I travel so far to you when needed. Most importantly I feel that my horses are getting the best and most knowledgeable attention – so then I can feel more at ease.”

Kelly Dominick
“Rebecca is a fantastic vet. She is always happy to see my boys and offer advice as Danny gets older which I really appreciate.”

Caroline Fraser
“Dr Rebecca Walshe is positive, friendly and has affection for the horses. She is happy to answer my endless questions and I feel I learn something after every visit.”

Julie Gander
“The genuine concern shown by the vets and nursing staff was wonderful and gave me peace of mind that my horse was being given the best attention and care. They both deserve high praise for their kind and caring attention to both Garie and myself. Many thanks to the entire team! Without all of them I would not have my ‘Golden Child’!”

Christina Thompson
“Both Dr Suzanne and Nurse Joey are exceptionally friendly and make you feel a part of the team. Both have excellent skills and genuinely care about the horses and willingly put up with their owners! Every attempt should be made to keep both Suzanne and Joey at CEH as they are terrific ambassadors for the service.”

Alison Wardrop
“Dr Rebecca has always been informative, knowledgeable, highly skilled and above all a wonderful friend to Ti and I. An absolute treasure. Rebecca has been an inspiration for me to keep working on my goals to also become a veterinarian, thank you Rebecca!”

Kim Richardson
“All the vets, nurses and admin staff do such a great job. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. I would highly reccomend the clinic to anyone and rate the service second to none.”

Mal and Jane Peck
“Dr Suzanne has come out for many different reasons like dentals and colics, she is always very competent, calm, patient, caring and uses common sense. We also appreciate the follow up phone calls by vets and reception staff, thank you!”

Shelley Harris
“My horse, BJ, is an 18 year-old Thoroughbred gelding suffering a serious case of septic pedal osteitis. I have been extremely worried about him and his prognosis and have relied on the centre’s staff for reassurance and direction in his home-based treatment since his two surgeries. I have spoken frequently with Emma on the phone and exchanged numerous emails regarding BJ and these communications continue. At all times Emma is attentive, sympathetic to my concerns and diligent in passing on my questions – and photos of BJ’s wound – to Rebecca Walshe. As a result, I receive constructive feedback and helpful advice in a timely fashion. I very much appreciate Emma’s help. Rebecca carried out two surgeries on BJ’s hoof and displayed a very caring and attentive attitude from the start. Her expertise and competence were immediately evident and I felt BJ was certainly in the right hands. Rebecca continues to review BJ’s progress via the photos I send and I am conficent she will monitor the situation until BJ is completely well. I am very thankful Rebecca was recommended to me”.