nutritionOur vets work closely with specialist equine nutritionists and feed companies, including Kentucky Equine Research and Pryde’s EasiFeed to provide you with the most up to date and educated advice on all aspects of your feeding your horse.

They are always ready with suggestions for special feed requirements including:

  • Weight loss diets
  • Weight gain diets
  • Feeding the laminitic horse or pony
  • Feeding for metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance
  • Feeding the colicky horse
  • Geriatric (senior horse) nutrition
  • Weanling and Yearling dietary requirements
  • Providing a balanced diet for any medical condition, including stringhalt, choke and stomach ulceration.

Stalker, our special jump mare, checking out the various equine diets we provide to our hospital patients. She’s always ready for a taste test!