It’s no secret that Canberra winters are COLD! Here are some of our top tips to keep your horse warm and healthy during the cooler months.

  • Ensure your horse has access to shelter (stable, trees and other forms of wind breaks)
  • Encourage adequate water intake – at least 20 litres per day for a 500kg horse.  Ensure fresh drinking water is always available and that ice in troughs is broken each morning. Adding hot water or molasses to the water source may encourage drinking.
  • Feed at least 1-1.5% bodyweight/day of fibre such as hay and forage.  The digestion of fibre in the caecum & large intestine generates large amounts of heat, keeping your horse warmer in cold weather.
  • Although not all horses require rugs, some older horses and those in light body condition struggle to maintain their weight over winter. If using rugs, ensure they are well-fitting and removed & checked daily to prevent injuries and skin conditions.
  • Allow an extra 5-10 minutes of active walk & stretching at the start of each ride to help to prevent injury to cold muscles and joints.