Kim Milne


Originally from New Zealand, Kim‘s many years of customer service in the medical field were interspersed with 6 years in France where she studied painting and raised her young family. Moving back to Sydney she studied Fine Arts, before moving to Canberra to join the team at CEH.

Her lifelong love of horses started as a child when she adopted an old farm horse and bought a bridle. The tack box expanded considerably when, after a very, very long wait, she purchased a young Morgan gelding with her daughter. Two mares were added to the herd and Kim loves the constant learning involved in horse husbandry and riding. A recent introduction to Working Equitation has sparked her interest, and her printmaking and woodworking skills have been employed making a very scary bull for her old riding club.

When not at work or with the horses Kim can be found in her still untamed garden, helped enthusiastically by her border collie Mallee, and assorted chickens.