Dr. Sandra Jaarsma

Msc, DVM

Hailing from the picturesque Netherlands, Dr. Sandra Jaarsma’s affinity for equines traces back to her early years spent at the local riding school. This childhood passion evolved into a fulfilling career as she graduated with an equine major from the prestigious veterinary school in Utrecht in 2015.

Post-graduation, Sandra undertook the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination and embarked on a transformative journey through a rotating equine internship. This international experience took her to Cambridge Equine Hospital in the UK and the Equine Health and Performance Centre at the University of Adelaide, broadening her expertise. Sandra further honed her skills as an equine veterinarian at the Veterinary Clinical Centre, Charles Sturt University, before finding her place at Canberra Equine Hospital.

While Sandra appreciates all facets of equine medicine, her studies and diverse internships cultivated a profound interest in equine internal medicine, with a focus on foal medicine, gastrointestinal issues, and cardiology.

Beyond the veterinary realm, Sandra’s zest for life extends to her love for travel and exploring the (Australian) outdoors. Now settled in Canberra, she looks forward to reigniting her passion for horse riding in her leisure time, completing the circle of her lifelong connection with these majestic animals.