Dr Hadley Willsallen

Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery

Dr Hadley Willsallen graduated from Sydney University in 2003, and started her veterinary career as an intern at Agnes Banks Equine Clinic. With a keen interest in surgery she then worked as an associate at Canberra Equine Hospital (2005), Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital (2007-2009) and went on an around-the-world equine hospital tour (2006) deciding on where to specialise as an equine surgeon.

In 2009 Hadley became a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Surgery of Horses. Later in 2009 she started a four-year residency in Equine Surgery at the newly built, state-of-the-art Veterinary Clinical Centre, Charles Sturt Univerity, Wagga Wagga. The program involved long hours of study, research, clinical work, undergraduate teaching, externships and conferences in the USA and Australia, followed by a grueling examination process. During this training Hadley completed research into laryngoplasty (tie-back/roaring surgery), laparoscopic and vaginal removal of large ovarian tumours and the pararectal approach to the bladder in standing geldings.

In 2014 she was recognised by the NSW Veterinary Surgeons Board as a Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery. Hadley started working for Dr Nick Kannegieter part-time during her study period and full-time after the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Examinations in February 2014.

Hadley is thrilled to be working with on of the nations most highly regarded surgeons who also has one of the largest surgical case loads in Australia. Hadley hopes to offers additional areas of expertise in laparoscopic surgery, standing pararectal cystotomy, opthalmic surgery/medicine and diagnostic ultrasonography.As member of the AVA Hadley was recently appointed by Equine Veterinarians Australia as the NSW State Representative. Hadley also works as an FEI veterinarian for eventing and as at the Sydney Royal Show each year.