At Canberra Equine Hospital, we believe in supporting our profession and provide educational work experience to Veterinary, Equine Studies and Veterinary Nursing. As well as externships, we also offer practical training to new graduate veterinarians and those from overseas taking the National Veterinary Exam of the AVBC. For safety reasons in our workplace, all applicants need to have prior horse experience.

If you’re a veterinary student or undertaking studies with horses and are interested in an externship position, please email us with:

-your resume,
-references we can contact,
-a letter of interest stating why you would like to come, what you hope to gain from the experience and describing in detail your horse handling capabilities.
– please fill in the Emergency Details form below, before your placement commences, and email it to us

Employee and Student Emergency Details

gajenGajen, one of our externs who was taking the National Veterinary Exam, learning how to remove a shoe with our hospital farrier.

Testimonials From Prior Externs:

Elisabeth, Veterinary Science Student, University of Sydney, November 2013 “I had a great time working with all the staff, I learned a lot of valuable skills and I was really pleased with how willing the staff were to take time out of their day to teach and include me. I would definitely recommend work experience at CEH to any student thinking of a career as a veterinarian or veterinary nurse.”

Emma, Veterinary Student, University of Sydney, March 2014 “I greatly enjoyed my externship at Canberra Equine Hospital. I was at the time in my third year of veterinary school, and was very fortunate to work with the highly trained and proficient staff at CEH. The caseload was varied and interesting, and the veterinarians were always willing to discuss the particularities of a case. All in all, it was a highly educational and enjoyable experience, one I would love to repeat!”

Pippa, Equine Science Student, Charles Sturt University, September 2014 “Canberra Equine Hospital (CEH) was by far my favourite University placement during my Equine Science degree. Whilst there I forged new friendships with the extremely friendly and charismatic staff (both the nurses and the veterinarians themselves), developed my understanding of equine-associated veterinary medicine, and established new horse nursing and handling skills in a safe and professional environment. Whether I was out on the road with one of the vets or in the clinic, I was constantly challenged and encouraged to extend myself outside of my comfort zone and attempt new things. When teaching me, new information was always delivered in an educational and supportive manner, and no question was too silly or ignorant. The staff at CEH were extremely competent and always went above and beyond their expected duty in order to maintain a high standard of equine veterinary care. I would not hesitate in recommending them, and often choose them as my own horse health care providers.”

Gajen, National Veterinary Exam Candidate, August to November 2014 “I am Gajen Sinnathamby and a Veterinarian from Sri Lanka. When I was preparing for the National Veterinary Examination of Australia, I contacted Dr Natasha for an externship opportunity to gain Equine clinical experiences at Canberra Equine Hospital. She was very happy to take me for an externship at their facility. During my externship period I earned valuable Equine hand on clinical skills through their high standard of practice and patient care. Although I worked only a few months (Aug to Nov 2014) but I have seen many variety of cases such as lameness, wound treatment and care, ophthalmic cases, dentistry, cardiology, dermatology, colic and other gastrointestinal related diseases. All the experiences and skills I gained at CEH certainly helped me to successfully pass the exam. Thank you very much for the help and support you gave me so I could pass my exam. I know how busy you were, so I really appreciate the time you spent with me especially Dr Natasha and Dr Mark. You are the kind of teachers that makes this Clinic is a great place to learn all about Equine.”

Helen, University of Sydney, December 2014 “I spent a fortnight at Canberra Equine Hospital (CEH) in December, 2014 for my University placement. While at CEH, I was warmly welcomed and supported by both the veterinarians and nurses. The staff are very competent and were more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences with me. I learnt an enormous amount at this placement and really enjoyed being a part of the team. I found it very valuable to be able to practice my horse handling and husbandary skills in a clinical setting with professional supervision. After my experience here, I definitely feel more capable and confident in equine practice. “